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Kirby Baukasten is an opinionated, supercharged version of the Kirby Plainkit used internally at Love & Kindness for our clients' sites, with preconfigured tooling and plugins.

While Kirby Baukasten is open source & used in production as base for our own projects, it's not properly versioned, and we're not offering support for it. Instead, it should serve as a reference or guide for implementing certain best practices in your own starterkit.


  • PHP 8.3+ with composer
  • Node.js 20+ with pnpm
  • Kirby CLI


Install Composer & Node dependencies with composer install and pnpm install.

composer install && pnpm install

Running the scaffold command with Kirby CLI

kirby baukasten:scaffold

Start the dev server.

pnpm run dev


MIT License © 2021-2024 Tobias Möritz