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Content Representations

Content representations allow you to output the content in different formats. You can read more about them in the Kirby documentation.

1. Creating the template

For our image representation, let's create a file default.png.php in our /site/templates directory. This file contains the template that will later be rendered to an image by Puppeteer.

It works just like writing a normal HTML template.

Content representations use the same name as its HTML counterpart. This means, if we want to create an image for all project pages, our template name has to be project.png.php.

2. Creating the Paparazzi controller

Paparazzi uses controllers to inject its logic in your templates. Let's create a file with the same name as your template in our /site/controllers directory.


use tobimori\Paparazzi\Controller;

return Controller::run(width: 1200, height: 630);

3. Adding content to the template

Now, let's add some content to our template. We can use all the Kirby variables & helpers just like in a normal template.

Our example template could look something like this:

<h1><?= $page->title() ?></h1>
<img src="<?= $page->image()->url() ?>">

<?php foreach ($page->children()->listed() as $child): ?>
  <h2><?= $child->title() ?></h2>
  <p><?= $child->text()->excerpt(50) ?></p>
<?php endforeach ?>

4. Admire the result in your browser

We can now open our page in the browser, and simply add .png to the URL. This will render our template to an image.

5. Usage with Kirby SEO (optional)

If you're using my Kirby SEO plugin, and you want to use the image as Open Graph image, you can use the programmatic defaults feature for that.

  1. Create a page model, e.g. site/models/project.php. You can read more about Page models in the Kirby Guide.
  2. Add a metaDefaults() function that returns an array with the Open Graph image URL, like so:

use Kirby\Cms\Page;

class ProjectPage extends Page
  public function metaDefaults(): array
    return [
      'og:image' => $this->url() . '.png'

Please note, that this will require Kirby SEO v1.0.0 or higher.