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The form builder plugin for Kirby CMS that makes forms just work like magic

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A mighty, intuitive form builder

Create single or multi-step forms from the panel with our Layout field form builder. Customize columns & rows with the same look & feel that you know.

Build any form in seconds with the wide range of included field types. Collect contact info, files and much more.

Combine actions to create powerful submission workflows & integrate third parties directly in the panel - without code.

Extend DreamForm and develop your own custom fields, actions or guards with a full-featured API and documentation.

Choose from 10+ built-in fieldtypes

With a field for almost any occasion, DreamForm has you covered from simple text fields to radio, checkboxes, email and more.

First-party HTMX support to progressively enhance your server-side rendered forms with just a single line of code

Use guards to protect your form from spam submissions & hackers with CAPTCHAs, Honeypots or Spam APIs

Take total control over the template, without combatting styles with !important or using outdated JavaScript

Ready to level up your forms in Kirby?

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