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Computed Content

By default, the second level of the cascade allows you to specify default content for the SEO fields using a page model.

This is especially helpful if you want a certain field to default to another field's content or you're using a plugin like kirby-paparazzi to programmatically generate OG images. You can also use page models to add custom meta tags to your pages.

An example page model could look like this:

// site/models/template.php

use Kirby\Cms\Page;

class TemplatePage extends Page
	public function metaDefaults(string $lang = null): array
		$content = $this->content($lang);

		return [
			// you can use field names (from blueprint)
			'metaDescription' => $content->summary(),

			// or any meta tag
			'og:image' => "{$this->url()}.png",
			"og:image:width" => 1230,
			"og:image:height" => 600,

			// kirby-seo tries to guess the correct syntax of the tag
			// (e.g. open graph tags always use "property" and "content" attributes)
			// but you can also specify them manually
				'tag' => 'meta',
				'attributes' => [
					"property" => 'og:image:alt',
					"content" => "An image showing the beautiful city of {$this->title()}"

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