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The Meta Cascade

Kirby SEO is built with a cascading approach in mind. This means that you can define meta tags on multiple levels, and they will be merged together based on their priority:

  1. Page fields: The default page blueprint that allows you to specify most options (page)
  2. Programmatic content: With Page models you can programmatically set meta tags like you want (programmatic)
  3. Inherited fields from parent page: Most fields can be configured to inherit to child pages (parent)
  4. Site globals: The site blueprint allows you to set global defaults for all pages (site)
  5. Options: The last fallback is defined in the plugin options (options)

If any setting is left empty, it will fallback to the next level. In this way, the plugin provides cascades to form the final meta data.

The cascade is fully configurable in your config.php. You can disable any of the above levels, or change their priority, using the ID written in the parenthesis.

There is also another optional cascade level that is not enabled by default:

  • Fallback fields: Fall back to Meta fields, if the tag is an Open Graph tag (fallbackFields)

By default, it is not included, but the fifth level (Options) will have the same behaviour.

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