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Extending Blueprints

Kirby SEO tries to be as minimal as possible, while still providing a complete SEO solution. This means that some features offer the ability to disable them (like the Robots fields).

Although sometimes, you might want to go the extra mile and change the provided blueprint completely, e.g. if certain fields are provided by programmatic content and you don't want to allow editors to change them.

In this case, you can extend the provided blueprints with your own fields. This is done by using the extends keyword in your blueprint.

# site/blueprints/pages/template.yml

    # your blueprint
    extends: seo/page
            label: meta-description
            type: info
            text: Will be filled automatically from the field `summary`

Blueprints touch an internal part of kirby-seo and structure is potentially subject to change in future releases with an alternate way of modyifing provided.

You can find the original blueprint structure in the blueprints folder of this plugin.

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