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Custom Success Page

When editing a form, you can customize the "Thank you" message after switching to the "Settings" tab. However, if a simple text field isn't enough for your case, read on.

Customizing the blueprint

To customize the blueprint, create a new file in your blueprints folder: site/blueprints/dreamform/fields/success.yml

The first line of the blueprint should always be fields:. After that, you can add any fields you want, the same way you know from your Kirby blueprints!

    label: Success Message
    type: writer
    label: Show checkmark icon?
    type: toggle

You should make sure that the keys are not already in use. We recommend to prefix every field with success to avoid collission.

Customizing the snippet

To actually use the set field values in your forms, you have to override the included success snippet. To get going, create a new snippet file at site/snippets/dreamform/success.php.

This file will be automatically output by the default form snippet when the submission was successful. It's important to keep in mind, that you'll only have access to $kirby, $site, $page, $form as well as the $attr array that includes assigned classes & attributes. - but no other custom variables you might be sending with your snippet('dreamform/form') call.

The default snippet looks something like this - mix it up and change it the way you need. You have access to all fields set above with the $form variable, e.g. $form->successShowIcon()->toBool().


 * @var \Kirby\Cms\Page $page
 * @var \tobimori\Dreamform\Models\FormPage $form
 * @var array|null $attr
 */ ?>

<div <?= attr($attr['success']) ?>>
  <?= $form->successMessage() ?>