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What are fields?

Fields are the core building blocks of your form. They define what data, how it can be submitted, as well as validate & sanitize it.

A field doesn't have to be a form input, it can also be a button or an image, although they will always follow the same syntax as a normal field.

Available Fields

Fields created by the Community

  • None

Configuring Fields

By default, all registered and configured fields are available, but you can customize the available fields in your config.php.

// site/config/config.php

return [
  'tobimori.dreamform' => [
    'fields' => [
      'available' => ['text', 'textarea', 'select', 'checkboxes', /* other guards here */ ],


tobimori.dreamform.fields. Default Accepts Description
available true boolean|array Available fields, true enables all fields