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Options allow you to finetune the behaviour of DreamForm. You can set them in your config.php. This is not a comprehensive list of all options, but only general ones. You can find options related to entities (Fields, actions & guards) in their respective page.


tobimori.dreamform. Default Accepts Description
secret null string|callable The encryption secret used to encrypt & decrypt published values

Optional settings

tobimori.dreamform. Default Accepts Description
mode 'prg' 'prg'|'api'|'htmx' Set the submission mode for all form submissions
multiStep true boolean Enable or disable multi-step forms
storeSubmissions true boolean Whether to store submissions as pages in Kirby
debug fn () => option('debug') boolean|callable If enabled, sensitive errors are shown on form submission
layouts ['1/1', '1/2, 1/2'] array Enabled layouts for the form builder
page page://forms string The page where all forms are stored
integrations.gravatar true boolean If enabled, submissions with email fields fetch an avatar from Gravatar to show in the panel